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CH Mainlycoons Anna Pavlova of Skimble -  b. 8/14/1997

CH Mainlycoons Anna Pavlova of Skimble
b. 8/14/1997

“Lovey” is a vividly marked classic brown patched tabby with red and white out of GC, GP, RW Calabash's Zeus and Capecoon Tricky of Mainlycoons.

She was our second breeding female and has given us Grands and a Regional Winnner, GC, RW Mellowmaines Harvest Red.

Retired, she now resides in Vermont where she enjoys watching the cattle, birds and wild turkeys from her perch by the window.

CH Lakecountry Abigail Of Mellowmaines

GC Lakecountry Abigail of Mellowmaines
b. 11/2/1997

Abigail is out of Ch Lakecountry's Levi's Trademark and CH Coontagious Rhiannon of Lakecountry. A fun-loving classic warm brown patched tabby, “Abby” recently retired as a breeder and is remaining here as a pet now.

She has given us numerous Grand Champions / Premiers and three North Atlantic Regional Winners:  GC, RW Mellowmaines Extra Brute, GC, RW Mellowmaines Beau Jolais and GC, RW Mellowmaines Sparkling Red.

CH Mellowmaines Missle Toe

CH Mellowmaines Missile Toe
b. 12/21/1999

Out of our GC, RW, GP, RW Calabash's Cabernet Sauvignon and Ch Lakecountry Abigail of Mellowmaines, “Missy” is a large warm patched classic brown tabby, who, after giving us two litters, has retired to New York State to live with her new family.

CH Skimbles Madeira Of Mellowmaines

CH Skimble’s Madeira of Mellowmaines
b. 8/08/01

“Dara” is out of Ch Skimble’s Miramichi Autora, DM and GC, RW, Mellowmaines Harvet Red (“Harvey”.)

A warm red classic tabby with a great profile, “Dara” is a loving mother who enjoys playing with her kittens. From her first litter she gave us GC Melowmaines Merlot, and there are several other offspring almost ready to begin their show careers.

CH Avicats Lambrusca of Mellowmaines

CH Avicats Lambrusca of Mellowmaines
b. 11/12/01

Lambrusca is out of GC, RW XTC Ogunquit of Big Tree Cat and GC Avicats Phaethusa Stria.

“Lamby” is a lovely affectionate and very outgoing richly- patterned cold classic brown patched tabby with red, who is always the first to jump in your lap.

Her first litter of two produced two Grands: GC Mellowmaines Valpolicello and GP Asti. A red daughter from her second litter “Claret” will also be a showcat.

CH Mellowmaines Sweet Sherry

Ch Mellowmaines Sweet Sherry
b. 4/25/03

Out of CG, RW Mellowmaines Harvest Red and Ch Lakecountry’s Abigail of Mellowmaines, Sherry is a red classic tabby with well-proportioned confirmation and a lovely head. We anticipate that she will be part of our breeding program.

GP Mellowmaines Asti

GP Mellowmaines Asti
b. 4/18/03

Out of GC, RW Mellowmaines Extra Brute and CH Avicats Lambrusca of Mellowmaines, Asti is a huge cold brown, well-patterned classic brown tabby who now resides in Greenwood Lake, NJ.

She is a playful cat who loves to give headbutts and kisses. She may be returning to the show circuit after settling into her new home.

CH Mellowmaines Claret

CH Mellowmaines Claret
b. 1/08/04

Claret is a flashy, very deep, richly patterned red classic tabby female. Her first litter of 4 boys (3 cremes and 1 red) were born in March 2005, and she proved to be a loving, attentive mom.

Big-boned, long and tall, she is very playful and affectionate. We look forward to more litters from this lovely female.

Sire: GC, RW Mellowmaines Sparkling Red
Dam: CH Avicats Lambrusca of Mellowmaines

Flitten Marsala of Mellowmaines

Champion Flitten Marsala of Mellowmaines
b. 1/31/10

“Marcie” is a beautiful patched brown classic tabby with white and red. She is a spayed female (former breeder.)

Marcie is loads of fun, loves to play and to be with you. She also loves to be brushed, held, and to have her chin scratched. She chirps and likes to look out the window at the birds and squirrels.

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